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"Brandi Alexander is an outrageously funny and shocking study of the position of women under rape culture. Pavela demonstrates a masterful understanding of the art of performance, both as a comedian and as a woman...It's when the anger shows behind the gritted teeth, however, that Brandi Alexander really comes into its own – a tour de force of female rage that won't play nice anymore." Read More

"Brandi’s comedy is a landslide of well-crafted shrewdeties, that open up subjects normally firmly closed. A wonderful, honest performance that will shock, tickle, stun and humble you, but always with the very best intentions to please. Courageous and uplifting, Brandi Alexander is an experience like no other." Read More

"I really cannot urge you to go and see her enough...there was something truly powerful about it that for me made it unmissable." Read More

"This won't be pretty, it won't be easy, and if you want a show about sexual assault to be either of those things then frankly, f you - you are part of the problem..." Read More

"This is a primal scream of a show..." Read More

"American artist and writer discusses the context behind her solo Fringe production, Brandi Alexander" Read More

"She may be almost too compelling for some people to take - and believe it or not, that's a compliment."  Read More

"Pavela is funny, crass, heartbreaking and so raw in her performance that by the end, we are made to feel as if we have come into so personal and revealing a moment as to question whether we have any business being there." Read More

"...bringing risky work to Louisville's theatre scene..." Read More

" exploration of sexual assault, misogyny and self-loathing, forged in fury. " Read More

"The best rejections make for the best pull quotes." Read More

"That 'do it anyways' attitude is on full display in Pavela's solo show..." Read More

"...the piece is marked by the same blend of genuine emotion, silly physical humor, and magical realism that I’ve enjoyed in earlier work..." Read More

"She is at this point in her life where she has energy for one thing, and it is not another’s perception of her.  Screw it." Read More

More nice things

"A remarkable performance that really set the tone." The Witching Hour, Cafe Nordo. 2018 Gregory Awards Nominator

"Amazing performance. From the moment that she stepped out of the Ether (what an entrance) to every time she was on stage." The Witching Hour, Cafe Nordo. 2018 Gregory Awards Nominator

"...It was this intense show about rape and stand-up comedy called 'Brandi Alexander'. It broke every rule about what should work with an audience. It was too intense for too long and asked too much from the audience. But it worked. It more than worked. It was the bravest goddamn thing I've ever seen." Eli Keel, Louisville Fringe Festival

"Raw. Emotional. Brave. Visceral. Painfully beautiful. It’s like seeing inside the brain of someone who has been through an unspeakable trauma. I don’t know how she does it every night, but do yourself a favor and go see for yourself. Tatiana is fearless. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget. Do not miss!" Edinburgh Festival Fringe Audience Review

"This is not necessarily an easy show to see, but it might just be an important one. Presented as a stand-up, it quickly becomes apparent that we are seeing the portrayal of someone damaged by abuse she has suffered, some deeply personal and some just systemic. There are laughs, but a deeper side and a very important message. Catch it and see if it has you questioning your own attitudes as you sympathise with Tatiana." Edinburgh Festival Fringe Audience Review

"Simply put: a master class for any man curious about how it feels to endure the socially accepted abuse women experience regularly. Tatiana commits fully to this heart-wrenching &, for those uninitiated, eye-opening display of brokenness, rage, & overwhelm as a person desperate to cope with the truly unnecessary & unforgiving treatment of humanity. As someone who seeks to ask more questions than to answer I can give my full consent to anyone with even the slightest curiosity about or those seeking validation for this experience. Go see." Edinburgh Festival Fringe Audience Review

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