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As a teacher, Tatiana specializes in setting a comfortable and fun environment so students can face the fear in the room and get over it. Her teaching motto is "Take the work very seriously, but don't take yourself seriously at all." She has a varied teaching background working with students of all ages, but thrives working with adult actors and as a private coach.  For private coaching, send a message here

"I worked with Tatiana over the course of several months to prepare for grad school auditions, and I could not have asked for a better coach! As a coach, she is encouraging, versatile, and intuitive. She could tell when I needed a push or when I needed a kind word, and was always armed with questions and exercises that so exactly fit what I needed to dive deeper, it was like she was seeing inside my brain. Overall, when audition time came, I felt calm and prepared thanks to my time with her. As a person, she is funny, kind-hearted, and just a wonderful friend to have in your corner. Her love & dedication to the craft is palpable and I was inspired by her from our very first meeting. Tatiana is the best!!!" Breagh W., actor (private audition coaching)

"Coaching with Tatiana was fantastic. I had a lot of fear coming into the room, fear of being unprepared, not being enough, having selected pieces that were wrong for me, and more. She put me right at ease and created a space that embraced and demanded playfulness...This and so much more from Tatiana helped to ease my tension and allow me to mine the moments, clarify the beat shifts, and contrast the pieces I was preparing to present. I absolutely advise anyone even considering working with Tatiana to give it a go." Michael M., actor (private audition coaching)

"She has a knack for deciphering who you are as an artist and what voices will suit you and show off your strengths...Her knowledge of contemporary plays and their style and tone is something that should not be overlooked and has been one of the main reasons behind any success I have had in Seattle...Finding monologues can be an incredibly daunting task, but Tatiana has always enabled me to find interesting and unique pieces that I feel confident bringing into an audition room." Annie W., actor (monologue selection & private audition coaching)

"Thank you so much for this amazing class - I could not have imagined how much my life would change just from being exposed to and learn from amazingly talented teachers and peer students. But each Wednesday gives me more inspiration, teaches me more about me, allows me to explore myself and see myself through others - and just sheer energy and charge !! I come out of class as if I just transformed a little bit every time." Julia S., student - The Studio Seattle

“Tatiana was my acting instructor for the ‘Creating Life’ course through The Seattle Studio and I am truly grateful for the experience. She and the course challenged me to create and not be afraid of taking that extra step. I’ve taken other acting classes, but none like this. Tatiana focused on the basics of human behavior, a focus I haven’t worked on with acting before. She constantly offered fair and candid feedback that I always took to heart. I believe I am a better creator and actor because of her. She even took extra time to work with me after class on a monologue I was preparing. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Tatiana and I hope her and I can reconnect in the future.” Gloria G., student - The Studio Seattle

"Tatiana's Creating Life class was a perfect beginning for me as someone completely new to the field. We performed fun yet challenging exercises and my favorite aspect of the course was the insightful actionable feedback Tatiana always provided. Looking forward to more classes with Tatiana and The Studio Seattle." David K., student - The Studio Seattle

"I thoroughly enjoyed Tatiana's Creating Life class! Her wit, knowledge, and honest critique is what I admire the most about her teaching. In fact, I loved working with her so much I have decided to take her second class "Using the Words". Tatiana has a knack for formulating helpful critiques without offending or discouraging your work. Her teaching and guidance comes from a place of growth and care for your craft. Wherever this acting path may take me in the future, I know I will always carry Tatiana's teachings with me." Tia N., student - The Studio Seattle

"Tatiana was able to deliver quality drama teaching over Zoom to the point that I did not miss the in-person interaction at all. As someone without much formal acting training, I found the content of both Creating Life and Using the Words extremely useful in helping me develop a process and grow as an actor. Both classes were also very skillfully delivered. Highly recommended." Mikael K., student - The Studio Seattle

"I've taken several classes with Tatiana now and what I love about her approach is how she invites you to be a part of the learning process. With her instruction and prompting, you get to be both your own critic and your own cheerleader. Tatiana's knowledge and experience of the acting world shines through, and I would highly recommend her classes or coaching to anyone who's looking to improve their craft whether expert or beginner." Holly B., student - The Studio Seattle

"I took Intro to Theatre Auditions at The Studio Seattle with Tatiana and feel that I learned so much. She did an amazing job of grounding us in foundational questions about our characters and their motivations that we could return to in any audition, while also letting us experiment and play with a scene. She has so much knowledge of the theater world, and I would recommend her classes for anyone from beginners like me to more seasoned actors. I’m looking forward to more teachings!" Kaylie T., student - The Studio Seattle

"I just wanted to send a thanks so much for an awesome class. I am so glad I decided to join , it was a big deal for me to get back into acting and spend time doing this for myself every week. You made jumping back in so easy and fun. I feel like I gained alot of confidence in my craft again and look forward to keeping that practice moving. I liked how you allowed us to explore the text and self-critique before giving notes, it allowed me to feel in control of my craft but guided and supported. " Olivia E., student - The Studio Seattle

"Tatiana was my instructor for my first acting class and I'm thankful for that. She is very clear in her critiques and doesn't sugarcoat things - she helps you understand and see what you can improve on but she also makes sure to praise your successes. She is also a fountain of knowledge about the acting industry and takes the time to answer questions about anything and everything and also clarify anything she has said in her notes that you still aren't sure about or don't quite understand. Tatiana helped to create an atmosphere of feeling free to experiment but with clear direction and useful tips. I'm grateful to work with her and look forward to training more with her." Charles Y., student - The Studio Seattle

"Tatiana is a phenomenal instructor who not only communicates the material in a concise and clear manner but also conveys the enthusiasm and childlike wonder the craft deserves. Her teaching-style is no-nonsense and honest yet communicated in a way that encourages growth, insight, and passion - if you have a desire to grow truthfully, Tatiana is the instructor for you! I feel very fortunate to have had her guidance from step one of my acting journey and will forever hold the lessons she taught close to heart and mind. Thank you, Tatiana!" Billy K., student - The Studio Seattle

"If you want to really learn the elements of acting then Tatiana will be your best friend. She is honest about your work and where you stand and how you can take it to the next level. Before getting coached with Tatiana, I was unsure whether I should pursue acting as a career or just a hobby, but the knowledge I gained from her through 'Creating Life' and 'Using The Words' gave me the confidence which I never had on how to apply a proper technique to a talent. It gave me a whole new perspective on how to look at a text which is given to you as an actor and apply it in a scene. Tatiana is always straightforward, on point and everytime will give you something to build upon." Rohish D., student - The Studio Seattle

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