As a teacher, Tatiana specializes in setting a comfortable and fun environment so students can face the fear in the room and get over it. Her teaching motto is "Take the work very seriously, but don't take yourself seriously at all." She has a varied teaching background working with students of all ages, but thrives working with adult actors and as a private coach.  Her current class offerings with The Studio Seattle can be found here, or contact Tatiana directly for coaching sessions (virtual & in-person available). 

"Coaching with Tatiana was fantastic. I had a lot of fear coming into the room, fear of being unprepared, not being enough, having selected pieces that were wrong for me, and more. She put me right at ease and created a space that embraced and demanded playfulness...This and so much more from Tatiana helped to ease my tension and allow me to mine the moments, clarify the beat shifts, and contrast the pieces I was preparing to present. I absolutely advise anyone even considering working with Tatiana to give it a go." Michael M., actor (private audition coaching)

"She has a knack for deciphering who you are as an artist and what voices will suit you and show off your strengths...Her knowledge of contemporary plays and their style and tone is something that should not be overlooked and has been one of the main reasons behind any success I have had in Seattle...Finding monologues can be an 

incredibly daunting task, but Tatiana has always enabled me to find interesting and unique pieces that I feel confident bringing into an audition room." Annie W., actor (monologue selection & private audition coaching)

"Thank you so much for this amazing class - I could not have imagined how much my life would change just from being exposed to and learn from amazingly talented teachers and peer students. But each Wednesday gives me more inspiration, teaches me more about me, allows me to explore myself and see myself through others - and just sheer energy and charge !! I come out of class as if I just transformed a little bit every time." Julia S., current student